Our Story

Why are we here?

TuBeow Outdoors was founded by two childhood friends with a passion for activewear, lasting quality, and American manufacturing. Believing that good clothes shouldn’t need to be bought every year, the people at Tubelow know that quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.

Why American Made?

A Sea of Problems

Moving products across oceans is time-consuming and a waste of fossil fuels. It also contributes to unfair labor practices that a lot of your name-brand outdoor companies use to make larger profits. At TuBelow Outdoors our goal is to make our products as close to home as possible to reduce all of these issues. We design our products with purpose and we build them to last.


We love supporting American companies and American jobs. Small business employs half of the workforce in America. Buying and manufacturing clothes in the US is just another way we can help our communities grow.

Midwest Designed. American Made. Enjoyed Worldwide.


Cooper Janquart

Skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing, hates jumps, loves rails

Mitch Eigenberger

Biking, snowboarding, snowmobiling, loves jumps, hates rails

Jacob Link


Hunting, fishing, skiing, scared of jumps, doesn’t know what rails are